Websites for Love & Relationship Information


Beducated (founded by Phil Steinweber & Mariah Freya):

Various online courses for people of all genders and all sexual orientations who are single or are in relationships. Online courses are available on many different several topics from types of massages, oral sex, and BDSM and kink. Each course is rated by legends on who the course has been designed for and their level (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) sexual knowledge and skill that they already bring to the table (er, bed). Courses are built with multiple learning styles in mind. There are handbooks, videos, and audio. All content is created to be professionally and accurately shared to help people learn and grow in their sexuality. Calls with “sexperts” are also available. Subscriptions are available on a monthly or yearly basis. There is also an online magazine available on many sex topics.

Couple Check-Up (from Prepare/Enrich):

This is an online test meant to give you and your sweetheart a measure of your relationship’s strengths and areas for improvement. Both of you fill out the questionnaires, in areas such as family of origin, financials, conflict management, and communication, and immediately after you will get a 15-20 report based in relational categories as to where you’re each at and how you come together. Couples can do this online assessment with immediate results once all questions are completed for $35, or couples can also work with a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator (can be a therapist or clergy who has gone through the Prepare/Enrich certification process) through This check-up is made with dating, engaged, and married couples in mind, and it will tailor its questions to the self-reported state of the relationship.

ePrep (from the PREP – Prevention and Relationship Education Program):

ePrep is an online course based on the PREP approach to helping couples have successful relationship. PREP has over 40 years of scholarly research as its backbone to its curriculum. ePREP covers helping people spot where potential relationship problems can emerge, communicating effectively and having constructive conflict, listen better, and solidify friendship as the basis for your relationship. At only $34.95, ePREP has a very accessible price point. Access to all the ePREP content is available for six months upon purchase. It is estimated that the content will take around six hours for people to complete. Whether or not you are in a relationship currently or not, ePREP teaches you the foundation of effectively relationship skills. ePREP is appropriate for anyone who is in a relationship or not who would like to get the know-how of building a solid relationship.


The Coral app (formerly has multiple levels of access, both free and subscription level. Download it on the App Store with Apple or Google Play. A web app version is also available. Guided sex exercises, individually-tailored lessons, community discussion boards, and stories from other people are a part of the app. Much of the content is available for free, but the full range of community conversations as well as participation in them is only for paid subscribers. Sexuality educator powerhouses like Dr. Ian Kerner, Dr. Lori Brotto, Dr. Emily Nagoski, Dr. Kristen Mark, and Dr. Justin Lehmiller all contribute content. On the website, don’t miss the Journal with brief articles (listed as well as tagged by topics) with both unsigned and signed contributors on various sexuality topics.

Hold Me Tight Online (created by Dr. Sue Johnson):

The research-based program will guide you in using seven conversations that help you break out of the same distressed fights and away from that sensation that your partner doesn’t “get” you. Even if your relationship feels already on solid footing, you’ll be surprised at how these conversations will deepen and strengthen your bond. You will become an expert in changing your emotional music with your sweetheart so your relationship can be more pleasant, safe, and rewarding. For a long time emotion was shunned as a consideration for change in couple’s therapy, but now we live in an age where it has been discovered that emotion in fact promotes couple growth instead of stymies it. Quizzes accompany the program videos for comprehension. The Hold Me Tight conversations are supported by research studies in growing intimacy between partners. While $297 is not a small amount of money, it is about the cost of a couple of counseling sessions, and it is significantly cheaper than the cost of a break-up and the emotional heartache of dissolution if you both would like to save the partnership.

Intimate Relationships 101: Building Relational and Sexual Self-Awareness (created by Dr. Alexandra Solomon):

Recognized psychologist and couple’s therapist Dr. Solomon has been interviewed from people and organizations all over the world about the undergraduate course “Intitmate Relationships 101” at Northwestern University. Now, she has built a love course for the general public. Six modules of videos, worksheets, and other materials including self-assessments make up the course. The six modules are: Modern Love: Meeting the Challenges and Opportunities, The Stories You Love By: Understanding Your Past, Communication and Conflict: Speaking the Truth with Love, The Love You Make: Enjoying Sexual Intimacy, Me, You, Us: Creating Boundaries and Navigating Differences, and Plot Twists: Adapting and Flowing through Changes in Your Relationship

Loving Out Loud from Gottman Connect (from the Gottman Institute):

Based on research that the Gottmans have conducted throughout the years, this Loving Outloud! online program will help you use science to strengthen your relationship. There are 6 exercises for couples to complete. There are brief videos (described as 2-3 minutes long), activities, and conversation prompts to get couples talking and learning together. Drs. John and Julie Gottman roleplay negative, stressful situations couples find themselves in as well as the process of relieving the stress with calmer skills and actions. The product is typically $69.99, but the introductory price is $39.99.

Mine’d App (from Mark Groves, Vienna Pharaon, Shadeen Francis, Jennifer Pastiloff, Alexandra Solomon, Branden Collinsworth, Lalah Delia, Raphael Cano, Mariel Buquè & Sylvester McNutt III):

Download the app on Google Play or the Apple iStore for live and and watch-later classes in various areas of wellness. Find support and guidance in love, money, community, relationships, career, sexuality, and more. You aren’t just watching videos but actually able to chat and interact with the experts on these wellness topics. Download the app and create a free account to save selected topics in your accoount as well as keep track of content you’ve watched. You can also reach out to the experts!

OMGYes (from For Goodness Sake, LLC):

OMG, hello on absolute focus on female sexual pleasure! There are two levels of one-time purchase for access to the content. OMGyes Original focuses in on lessons around the clitoris as well as reading your partner’s feedback of what you’re doing. The second level is the original OMGyes plus the Inner Pleasure Collection (IPC). The IPC brings in “different kinds of pleasure and orgasm” from various sources, including fingers, penises (so if you are a female who would like a better chance at having an orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourses), and sex toys. This content was developed with research done by the Kinsey Institute and Indiana University. A legend of little icons in blue and orange shows techniques you’ll learn from each collection. All of the wisdom is distilled in brief videos, which is a great length for not being overwhelming and keeping people’s attention (I can confirm that is excellent instructional design practice). OMGYes has gotten some good website and media attention, including from Psychology Today, Marie Claire magazine, Wired magazine, and CBS News.

OurRelationship (from Drs. Andrew Christensen and Brian Doss):

OurRelationship© is developed by Drs. Andrew Christensen and Brian Doss. (A little side note: Dr. Christensen along with the late Dr. Neil Jacobson developed an empirically tested and validated method of couple’s therapy called Integrative Behavioral Couple’s Therapy.) The online program is available for individuals as well as couples. One very awesome thing is OurRelationship© is available in a programs both for opposite-sex couples as well as one specifically tailored for same-sex couples. The programs build on helping couples navigate effective communication, emotional distance, fighting, infidelity, and more. The program for same-sex couples is available with the same types of content available but more inclusive and targeted for additional stresses like discrimination that same-sex couples may face. It is suggested that the program will take people 1-2 months to complete. There are two-pricing tiers. For the self-guided programs, people will pay $50. For $150, people receive the program plus four video calls with a relationship coach. The coaches help people navigate the program experience and its effect on the relationship as well offer additional specific content based on the relationship’s needs.

Relationship IQ Quiz (from Michele Weiner-Davis):

This resource is more of a succinct article rather than a quiz about incredibly common myths about relationships. Each myth is debunked with a paragraph explanation. Good for those feelings unsure and hopeless about their current relationship. While we are unique, chances are our pressing relationship problems are not (ie, there is hope).

Senior Sex Tips (from Joan Price):

Joan Price is a sexuality educator who specifically focuses on bringing accurate and inclusive sexuality information to seniors. After she married her love later in life and sadly lost him after two years of marriage, he made her vow to continue her outreach to seniors. After her first book  Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty, questions and letters poured into her mailbox, and her outreach kept expanded. This website has information about Joan’s books, her informational film about senior sexuality, and her senior sex tips, which are short bits of information and a little bit product review-y (ie, sponsored). Price’s blog has book reviews from authors like Barry McCarthy (psychologist, couple’s therapist) and Jen Gunter (gynecologist) as well as sex toy reviews, particularly focusing on how that sex toy might be experienced by someone who is older (ie, if you have arthritic hands, etc).

Sex Smart Films (from Dr. Mark Schoen):

The explosion of all kinds of information on the internet crashes over searchers like waves dueling, conflicting, and not necessarily accurate. Many sexuality coaches and blogs jump into the sexuality education with the ability for a small fee to purchase a website domain name. Especially precious and valuable are websites that not only pull together content but are also created by experts who have deep knowledge on the topic itself. Mark Schoen received his Ph.D. from New York University in Human Sexuality. He has spent over 40 years working in sexuality education and public policy related to it, including serving on the National Advisory Council on Sexual Health under the U.S. Surgeon General. Seeing a need for a website that archived, collected, and hosted videos for improving people’s sexual literacy by distributing accurate information, Dr. Schoen built it. Dr. Schoen hosts different levels of subscription for viewers based on the length of subscription (one month, four months, annual) along with the number of users accessing the subscription (single user, up to twenty users, up to fifty users, etc.). The videos are organized under the Video Library and are filtered by purpose of access (education, research purposes, or clinical therapy intervention). Once a purpose of access designation has been made, videos are sorted under subject topic areas. As you might expect with the website’s educational purpose, the educational filter has the most content. Just some of the video topic areas are: gender identity, kink, menstrual education, pregnancy, trans health, aging, erotica, Kinsey, puberty, historical sex education, female sexuality, male sexuality, birth control, disability, gay and lesbian studies, masturbation, and polyamory. Some categories, like HIV/STIs, have many videos, while others like Menstrual Education have single videos as of now. The videos are varying lengths, from about three minutes long stretching to hours long. Some of the videos, like menstrual education, are incredibly dated as in addition to sexual education this website is a sexuality video archive. Therapists, sexuality educators, researchers, and private citizens using Sex Smart Films should discern the purpose of their question for information, the purpose of the specific video, and if additional, newer sexuality information needs to be sought. With that caveat because of historical perspective being said, this is an inclusive and enriching resource for sexuality information.

Thank God for Sex (from Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers):

Dr. Schermer Sellers seeks to help people who have developed sexual shame develop a more healthy acceptance, relationship with, and enjoyment of their sexuality. While the Christian Church is a beacon of strength for many people, when it comes to sexuality, the Church has often caused people to feel shame for sexual desire. This website is the online companion to her book Sex, God, and the Conservative Church, and on it you will find Schermer Seller’s blog, FAQs, and further information such as videos.

Disclaimer: This site is informational only and its resources are not substitutions for professional therapy. If you need professional help, see the Find a Therapist page to locate a qualified mental health professional.