Books and Articles on Love & Relationships


The syllabus is organized by category below. Some titles may fall into multiple categories, and that will be noted.

Some of these ideas are similar and fit well together. Other sources on the syllabus will be offering different perspectives from one another, and that’s okay. Its creation and basis came from the mindset of academic librarianship that I carry even though I am no longer, by job title, one: scholarship as a conversation and research as inquiry. It illuminates how there can be disagreement and competing perspectives even among scholars and experts, and we find those perspectives often through trial and error (in research and in life).

It is my goal to suggest these resources based on their ideas, their support by research, and/or their ability to get you thinking about building a good relationship and also being a good partner. These have all been chosen from the pool of resources written for the general public.

For Information on locating the books, visit my Find These Resources page.

Most of the articles are going to be free online. If the article is not freely available, I will indicate that. In that case, check with your local librarians! Please first ask a librarian at your local library before buying online – many times you can get an article at no cost through one of your library’s databases or interlibrary loan.


Consensual Non-Monogamy

Family of Origin

For Better….For Worse

Gender & Gender Identities




Interracial, Interfaith, & Intercultural Love


Mental Health


Prepare for the Long Haul

Repair & Apologize




Two Become Three (Or More)

Disclaimer: This site is informational only and its resources are not substitutions for professional therapy. If you need professional help, see the Find a Therapist page to locate a qualified mental health professional.