Find These Resources

Do you want to borrow or own a resource?

If you want to borrow, check the libraries you’re eligible to use. These include:

  • your public library
  • your academic (college or university) library where you take classes
  • your community college library. While it is also an academic library, it is one where you may be able to borrow not only if you are a student or an employee, but also if you live or work within its boundaries.

Google to find their websites. Their catalogs should be searchable online.

Library Classification Numbers for Finding Books on Marriage & Relationships:

  • Dewey Decimal System
    • 306.7 (Relationships)
    • 306.8 (Marriage)
    • 306.848 (Same-Sex Marriage)
    • 613.96 (Sex)
    • 646.78 (Family Living)
  • Library of Congress
    • HQ12-449     (Sexual life)
    • HQ801-801.83  (Man-woman relationships.  Courtship.  Dating)
    • HQ1033-1034 (Same-Sex Marriage)
    • RC475-489     (Therapeutics.  Psychotherapy)

If your library doesn’t have a book you want, ask the library staff about interlibrary loan policies. What you are able to actually borrow rarely stops with your own library’s collection.

If you would like to own a book:


Barnes & Noble

Better World Books

Half Price Books


Thrift Books

And don’t forget Local Independent New or Used Bookstores!

Libraries also have eBooks, eAudiobooks, online magazines, and online video streaming services where you can find these and other materials! Your local librarians take great interest in helping you find what you need!

Disclaimer: This site is informational only and its resources are not substitutions for professional therapy. If you need professional help, see the Find a Therapist page to locate a qualified mental health professional.