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Getting Started with Podcasts

Foreplay Radio: Couple & Sex Therapy

I Love You, But I Hate Your Politics

Relationship Alive! with Neil Sattin

#StayMarried with Tony & Michelle

Suggested Videos:

All online through TedTalks, YouTube, or another publicly available source.

“Before You Get Married, Watch This” from Prince Ea

“The Demon Dialogues” [added alternative title from The Couple’s Syllabus] (quick explanation of patterns of disconnection in relationships)

“Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” from the Gottman Institute

“The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage” with Dr. Susan David

“How Can I Improve My Marriage in 30 Seconds?”  with Dr. John Gottman

“How Couples Sustain a Strong Sexual Connection for a Lifetime” with Dr. Emily Nagoski

“The New Frontier of Sex & Intimacy” with Dr. Sue Johnson

“The Laws of Love” with Dr. Sue Johnson

“Problematic Beliefs about Relationships” by Dr. Justin Lehmiller


“Science with Sue, Episode 1: The Key Defining Factors in a Couple’s Relationship” with Dr. Sue Johnson

“Science with Sue, Episode 2: Changing Channels During Conflict” with Dr. Sue Johnson

“Science with Sue, Episode 4: Pinpointing Emotions” with Dr. Sue Johnson

“Science with Sue, Episode 5: Setting Up Great Sex” with Dr. Sue Johnson

“The Sex-Starved Marriage” with Michele Weiner-Davis


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