To my husband:

You are my friend and lover. Every year this third entity of a marriage between us becomes more worthy of protection and care. You do so much for our family. You’ve taught me how to love and be loved (sometimes the greater challenge), how to sacrifice, how to support and comfort you, and you accept my repair attempts. You apologize genuinely when you hurt me. You delve into that emotional channel. You are my safe haven that is shelter and my secure base where I ground in your love and go into the world. I am to be your safe haven and your launchpad for your dreams. You are irreplaceable.

To our children:

You have taught me how to love and nurture and also just how incredibly rewarding, exhausting, and amazing parenting is. The greatest things I will ever give you are emotional attunement, love, support, and dedication to a healthy family cycle. It is my hope that our home is your haven and base where you are nurtured in following the dreams for your lives.

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